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Jul 08, 2024By Makaha Angels Productions

Aloha! Welcome to my blog post where we keep you informed of what is going on in the life of Makaha Angels Productions and our creative agency. Last month was a jam packed month with the festpac on the shores of Hawai'i. We did many shoots across O'ahu starting at Kapukapuakea, Waialua on o'ahuʻs north shore. Where we filmed the success of onwer of the north shore stables and founder adam lee who presented coastal erosion along his shoreline and the success he has had in overcoming shoreline erosion. We then headed over to the kualoa ranch for the welcoming of the wa'a (canoes) who came from all across the pacific. Aotearoa, New zealand, rarotonga, tahiti, and of course the Hokule'a which started it all. It felt so good to have our cousins from across the pacific visit and reconnect with us sharing spaces and stories and cultural practices. Stay tuned as we share some video clips, photos, and short film stories of our journey!